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The Kitten Sisters | Cat Plush

£10.99 GBP

Introducing the purrfect family of cat plush toys: Abigail, Alistair, Amara, and Angelique!

Each with their unique personality, these cats plush are available in a huggable 25cm size, perfect for cuddles and adventures. Abigail, the gray cat plush, is a true cuddle enthusiast. With her soft fur and gentle demeanor, she's the perfect companion for cozy naptime snuggles. Alistair, the black cat plushy, is a playful little bundle of energy. Always ready for fun and games, he'll keep you entertained for hours on end. Amara, the Brown cat plush, exudes a calm and serene presence. Her warm and comforting nature makes her the ideal friend to have by your side during quiet moments. Last but not least, Angelique, the white cat plush, loves to tease and annoy her sisters with her mischievous nature. Her playful antics will keep you on your toes and bring laughter to your days.

Crafted with the softest and cuddliest materials, these cat plush toys are designed to provide the utmost comfort and companionship. Their plush bodies are perfect for snuggling and hugging, offering a sense of security and warmth. No matter how many hugs and squeezes they receive, their non-balling and non-deformed properties ensure they maintain their original shape and appearance.

They are more than just cat plush toys; they are cherished companions. They provide comfort, laughter, and a touch of imagination. Whether it's creating stories, having tea parties, or embarking on exciting adventures, these lovable kittens will be there every step of the way.

Embrace the joy and companionship that Abigail, Alistair, Amara, and Angelique offer. Whether as a gift for a loved one or a delightful addition to your plush collection, these adorable cat plushies are sure to bring endless smiles and happiness into your life. Snuggle up with them, engage in imaginative play, and create lifelong memories together.


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    Product Features
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Dirt-resistant
    • Non-deformed
    • Washable without losing softness or color
    • Non-balling and non-fading
    • Full filling for a huggable experience
    • 100% Cotton
    • High quality PP cotton filling
    Care Instructions
    • Hand wash with mild detergent
    • Do not bleach or iron