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Terms of Cuddly Adventures

Hey there, welcome to Plushworlds, where magic happens and plushies find their forever homes! These terms and conditions are here to ensure your cuddly journey with us is nothing short of enchanting. So, let's dive into the world of fluffy fun:


Plushworlds, operated by the spellbinding AR Business Partners Ltd, is your ticket to all things cute and cuddly. Throughout this adventure, when we say "we," "us," or "our," we're waving our plushy paws at AR Business Partners Ltd. Our website, its wonders, and its services are here to shower you with magic, but only if you agree to dance along with these terms, conditions, and cuddly notices.

By hopping onto our site, and perhaps adding a little plushy treasure to your cart, you're embarking on a magical journey where these Terms of Service guide the way. From browsers to dreamers, shoppers to plush explorers, these rules are for everyone who wanders our virtual plushy wonderland

Age of Wonder

Before you dive into our world of fluffiness, make sure you're of the age of wonder in your state or province. If you're inviting any little adventurers along, make sure they're under your wise supervision while exploring Plushworlds.

No Unicorn Games, Please!

Let's keep things squeaky clean in our plushy paradise. No using our goodies for illegal or unauthorized quests, and definitely no summoning malicious worms or viruses into our cuddly realm.

Discovery and Termination

Oopsie-daisies! If you breach any of these terms, your journey with us might be cut short. So let's keep the magic alive by playing fair, respectful, and virus-free.

Fluffy Interruptions

Sometimes, we may need to sprinkle our website with a bit of magic dust, which could make it disappear for a bit. But don't worry, it's all part of the enchantment.

Colorful Disclaimer

While we try our best to show you the true colors of our plushies, sometimes your screen's magic might see them differently. Don't fret, our plushies are just as enchanting in real life.

Limited Edition & Limitless Reservations

Though we want everyone to enjoy our plushies, we may need to pull the plug on sales if things get too wild. Also, we reserve the right to limit purchases or pounce on any sneaky business.

Magical Mistakes

If we make a mistake in the pricing of our plushies, don't worry, we'll fix it. We might even have a little magical dance to make things right. But please remember, we're not obligated to dance – just correct any errors.

Ever-Changing Enchantments

Our website might evolve over time with new spells and features. These changes are still bound by these Terms of Service, just like the rest of the magic.

Fun With Third-Parties

We might sprinkle some third-party magic into our potion cauldron. But remember, we don't control these spells. If they lead you to a different adventure, we're not responsible for their spells, potions, or magical creatures.

Your Magical Contributions

If you share anything with us – whether we ask for it or not – like ideas or spells, we might use them to make our magic stronger. But don't worry, we won't share your secrets.

Casting Spells Of Privacy

Your personal info is important, and we treat it like a treasure chest. Our Privacy Policy guards your info, so don't worry, no one's peeking into your potion recipes.

Magical Severability

If a part of these terms is found to be a little fishy, it doesn't spoil the whole potion. The rest of the enchantments remain as strong as ever.

Ending The Journey

The magic doesn't fade easily. Even after this adventure ends, some spells will remain active. Our rights and your responsibilities will still linger in the air.

The Spellbook Of Governing Law

These terms are guided by the laws of the mystical land of Mauritius. So, if there's any magic conflict, we'll consult the magical scrolls of Mauritian law.

Wave Of Change

Every once in a while, we might add a new ingredient to our spell, or even swap a few. So, keep an eye on these terms to stay up-to-date with our latest enchantments.

f you have questions or need magical guidance, don't hesitate to summon us! We're here to make your plushy journey truly enchanting!