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Beck and Jace | Hamster Plush

£12.99 GBP

Meet Beck and Jace, the adorable brother and sister Hamster Plush! 

Introducing Beck and Jace, the lovable Hamster Plush duo that will steal your heart. With their irresistible charm and adorable personalities, they are here to bring joy and companionship into your life. Available in three sizes—20cm, 60cm, and 90cm—Beck and Jace are ready to embark on countless adventures with you.

Beck, the gray hamster plush, exudes a gentle and endearing aura. His soft fur and sweet expression make him the perfect cuddle buddy for cozy nights. Jace, on the other hand, is a brown hamster plush bursting with energy and playfulness. With his spunky personality, he's always ready for exciting escapades and imaginative play.

Crafted with the softest and cuddliest materials, Beck and Jace are designed to provide comfort and companionship. Their plush bodies are perfect for snuggling and hugging, offering a sense of security and warmth. Whether it's naptime or playtime, these hamster plushies are the ideal companions for children of all ages.

Built to last, Beck and Jace boast non-balling and non-deformed properties. No matter how much they are squeezed and loved, their original shape and appearance will remain intact. You can trust that they will stay adorable and huggable for a long time, bringing smiles and happiness to your days.

Beck and Jace are more than just plush toys; they are cherished friends. Their presence provides comfort, laughter, and a touch of imagination. Let them accompany your little ones on their journeys, sparking creativity and fostering a sense of companionship.

Bring home Beck and Jace, the charming Hamster Plush duo that will capture your heart. Whether as a gift for a loved one or a delightful addition to your plush collection, these adorable hamsters are guaranteed to bring endless joy and playfulness into your life. Embrace the warmth and companionship they offer and embark on countless adventures together.


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    Product Features
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Dirt-resistant
    • Non-deformed
    • Washable without losing softness or color
    • Non-balling and non-fading
    • Full filling for a huggable experience
    • 100% Cotton
    • High quality PP cotton filling
    Care Instructions
    • Hand wash with mild detergent
    • Do not bleach or iron