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Geena | Frog Plush

£12.99 GBP

Hop on over and meet Geena the Frog Plush, the snuggle-ably pal for frog fanatics of any age!

This vibrant green Frog Plush will capture your heart with its adorable design and huggable charm. Geena is available in three different sizes: 20cm, 60cm, and 90cm, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your snuggling needs.

Geena's captivating appearance is enhanced by her striking green hue, which is sure to stand out in any collection. Her charming white underside adds a touch of contrast, creating a visually appealing and irresistible plush friend. With her large, expressive black eyes, Geena the Frog Plush exudes a lively and playful energy, making her an instant favorite among children and adults alike.

One of Geena's most endearing features is her slender and elongated body. This unique shape makes her not only perfect for cuddling but also for imaginative play and adventures. Whether it's creating fun stories or reenacting scenes from your favorite frog-themed tales, Geena the Frog Plush is ready to be your loyal companion.

Designed with durability in mind, Geena the Frog Plush is made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Her fully stuffed interior ensures that she retains her shape and structure, even after countless hugs and squeezes. This ensures that Geena remains a cherished friend for years to come, providing comfort and companionship whenever you need it.

Geena the Frog Plush is not just a toy; she's a gateway to a world of imagination and cuddly joy. Whether you're adding her to your plush collection, gifting her to a loved one, or simply seeking a new cuddle buddy, Geena is sure to bring smiles and warmth to your life.

Choose Geena the Frog Plush today and experience the joy of having a lovable and enchanting frog companion by your side


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    Product Features
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Dirt-resistant
    • Non-deformed
    • Washable without losing softness or color
    • Non-balling and non-fading
    • Full filling for a huggable experience
    • 100% Cotton
    • High quality PP cotton filling
    Care Instructions
    • Hand wash with mild detergent
    • Do not bleach or iron